Defense Information Systems Agency - NLCC Program, Engineering, Security & Technical Support (NLCC PEST Support) Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) Contract

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This is a single award ID/IQ Contract for Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) National Leadership Command Capability (NLCC) Directorate that allows for the use Task Orders. Task Order Contract types permitted include FAR 16.2 Fixed-Price and FAR 16.3 Cost-Reimbursement. Task Orders may include FAR 17.1 multi-year Contracting and FAR 17.2 Option periods. PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT (PWS) for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Operations Center (OC) Directorate National Leadership Command Capability Directorate Program, Engineering, Security & Technical Support.

Contract Number: HC104718D0042
Program Manager: Sammy Nasr
Contract PM Email:
Phone: (703) 206-­8208

Period of Performance: April 10, 2018 through April 09, 2023 - Ordering Period is within IDIQ PoP, performance period can fall two years following PoP expiration (seven years)
Prompt Payment Terms: None
Available Order Types: Fixed Price (FP), Labor Rates
Link to DISA-PEST:

The NLCC PEST Support ID/IQ contract is sponsored by the National Leadership Command Capability (NLCC) Directorate, of the Operations Center (OC), at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), in support of National Leadership Command Capability Service and Infrastructure Office (NSIO), Secure Enterprise Services Office (SESO), and Joint System Engineering and Integration Office (JSEIO).
  • NSIO - NSIO primarily provides communication services to external mission partners including other agencies within the DoD and other Federal Government agencies. These services include the installation and operation of communication programs and projects that are at various stages of execution, telecommunications network installations, and other services related to information technology and telecommunications.
  • JSEIO - The JSEIO serves as the principal systems engineering and technical integration staff for the DoD. In coordination with other departments and interagency organizations, the JSEIO conducts systems engineering to develop and implement an integrated NLCC communications and computer network capability using appropriately validated operations requirements.
  • SESO - SESO provides service delivery, service design, and is the system operation arm of the NLCC directorate.
This requirement spans a wide range of activities including conceptualization, planning, analysis, evaluation, assessment, and reporting. These areas of expertise are required by DISA to provide an assured and survivable Department of Defense (DoD) Information Network (DoDIN) for Defense and National missions. DISA is the lead agency for implementing solutions for the DoDIN.
DISA, via the DoDIN, is responsible for ensuring the United States Government (USG) possesses and maintains a secure and modern command, control, and communications capability to meet the Defense and National mission standards. To maintain command capability throughout peacetime and all levels of conflict, the United States (US) must develop robust communications pathways and perform ongoing analysis of threats from attack, survivability of communications infrastructure, and capabilities of the communications systems to respond to and recover from natural disasters and continuity of information infrastructure for National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications (NS/EP – Executive Order 12333).
The DoDIN is responsible for delivering assured National command, control, and communications capabilities against many evolving and dynamic sets of natural and directed threats in a highly dynamic political and technical environment. For that reason, DISA requires flexible contract services to obtain a broad range of industry skill sets, including some that are highly specialized and uncommon.